Friday, November 23, 2007


Because I already bought my copy and still choose to download music. My local radio station must be right when they say that 'life is good when music is good.' Too bad radio shit ain't that good, otherwise Dahlak would already be on the air, in your car, in your ear, and stuck in your head.
For all you cd-burning-free-downloading-that-cd-ain't-worth-my-10-dollars-folks, it's not your last chance to own Dual Consciousness. Although there won't be any reprints anytime soon, the iLL-Literacy team have been working on getting the album to all major digital distribution retailers (iTunes, Rhapsody, SNOCAP, etc.). Since it will take some time before you will be able to download it from these sites, we decided that we couldn't leave you all without anyway to download it if you so pleased. Therefore, the iLL-Literacy team has decided to make the album available
for FREE download from Black Friday (Nov. 23rd) until January 1st! Please spread the word to friends, family, and anyone who might be interested in downloading some good music for no price and no hassle. Just go to WWW.THISISDAHLAK.COM and download Dual Consciousness onto your personal computer. Thank you so much for supporting the music. Stay tuned. I will try to stay worthy of your
love and support…

Get in on these updates! I'm a big iLL-Literacy fan, thus I am a fan of Dahlak. I should have added this album to my favorite albums list. =)



Sunday, November 18, 2007

sweet music

What are your favorite albums ever of life? 

For me, it is so damn hard to come across a damn good album. I really don't think I require much; I am always looking for a really good R&B album. A really good album has tracks that should have been singles or make me feel like I'm glad this song wasn't a single or else everyone would call it 'my song' when it's really everyone's song. A good album evokes nostalgia. And it's indicative of pop culture foreal - it has to take me back to a space and time where I really felt like the song was made for me. I wished that music was more of a two-way creative process because I wanted to respond in more ways than supporting, purchasing, and singing along. An album must have songs that were worth starving myself out of middle school lunches for so that I could save up money just to buy 1 album or a couple of singles at the local Sam Goody. I did this religiously throughout 6th and 7th grade (right before Napster made its mark and right about the time when we invested in a computer and the Internet was 'fast' at 56K status). 

Thus, I give you my list of favorite albums ever of my life:

(to my roommates: Greatest Hits do not count! Boy bands are a given! hahaha)

And now, I must add Alicia Keys' As I Am to the list simply because I have been waiting for R&B music to make a comeback, especially off the heels of a woman (no pun intended). I refuse to let Ne-Yo be the sole ambassador of R&B music. Eff that.


Friday, November 16, 2007

to the boys that I have loved before...

A Rough Draft.

"Every woman has a grave deep inside of her." - Mush

This is a casting call. For men to please step out of the gender roles they play and take a look at what's buried inside of you so that we can connect. Maybe I'm just going through some shit right now, but foreal, I need to know the men that I meet in times of their own vulnerability. I don't mean to set a standard. It is far from what I am requesting. I'm not asking for Prince Charming, Hercules, Jesus or Tiger Woods or Justin Timberlake. I don't want a tokenized male figure. I need to know men who are real enough and ready to love. Because there is no room for swagger, machismo and ego. They take up too much space.

To all boys: I need this because I am your friend. I know men who have been deeply affected by their comrades' ignorance and are just as angry as other women. This is not even about anger. Or recognizing each other's struggles. More and more, I begin to think that all Life narratives trace back to a woman. This is a blessing. I don't even want to be appreciated more and I am certainly not asking for empathy. I self-silence, I second guess myself, I put aside my own shit so that I can manage another's world. I don't say things, I say what people want/need to hear, I speak when spoken to and I am tired of carrying this around. This is about allowing myself to do anything. Do you know what that feels like? This is my everyday. And I am tired of male friends who are not down for me. To know that a proud man cannot recognize his sisters' everyday makes me feel like I am in this alone. An evident/overt display of maleness (penetrating media, present in casual conversation or packed into one's appearance) is indicative of our friendship. I can probably count only up to a handful of men that choose to give a fuck and use their privilege as agency. I don't wanna wait until you realize that you have so much to do with this as I do. If we're friends, and you don't get it, then what does that say? It is much easier for you to overlook my problems more than it is for me stop feeling. I, then, get the feeling that you don't care to know or understand what this feels like. I can't keep waiting. I can't keep waiting for you to realize that this is indispensable, continuous, and even caused by some your own actions. To perpetuate such exhibitions of masculinity, flaunted in front of my face, makes me sink back into myself. Back into a place that is all too safe and unknown to others.

Most words and actions need to be heard by someone else in order to be validated. Try speaking up hella and then some and you've just begun to dig deep into me. Everything comes from somewhere. All mannerisms, lifestyles and needs come from somewhere. If counseling has taught me anything, it has been just that.

What happened to Lillith Fair? And Lauryn Hill and Eve? Why is Making Waves (an anthology put together by Asian American Women) out of print and so difficult to locate? Why is there a lack of female representation in the music industry today? Why do men make it so hard for each other to respect their women?

Womyn/women, we are worth more.

(inspired by a series of e-mails containing lies and slander)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

there's just nothing like def poetry on youtube

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