Friday, October 03, 2008

Why You Should Barack The Vote

In case I didn't make it clear enough in my last entry, it's Filipina/o American History Month. Click on link below (you can't miss it!) to view a special message from Senator Barack Obama in light and recognition of Filipina/o American History Month. 

Dear Friends,
The stories of Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders are very personal to me. I first became
acquainted with the diversity and richness of Asia and the AAPI community as a child growing up in
Hawai'i and for a few years in Indonesia. Members of my family are of Asian descent and it is a
community that I became a part of while living in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.
Filipino Americans have participated in the triumphs and struggles along our road to a more
perfect union, from farm workers who helped found the United Farmworkers Union, to the soldiers
who fought bravely in World War II, to the thousands of nurses who have saved and improved
countless lives, Filipino Americans are an integral part of our country. That’s why I support policies
that will honor your sacrifices, like the Filipino Veterans Equity Act.
Check the last paragraph when he mentions that "the Philippines and the United States have long enjoyed a special relationship." Special, huh? Beautiful subversion and coding, Obama. I got you.

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