Thursday, January 04, 2007

21st Century, 1st Female Speaker-of-the-House

Her agenda for the first 100 days as Speaker-of-the-House consists of increasing minimum wage and lowering the prices of prescription medicine.

Yes, she's Democrat and she's from California, but tell me why there are problems with her initial plans for the nation. As a student, I already make more money than a single Black mom that lives in Mississippi. And yea, I know that the wages are different but tell me why the poverty line is at $30,000 across the entire nation? And that I bet half of those people won't be able to afford lower-priced prescription medicine no matter what the House decides.

I just dislike the fact that it's such a milestone, in the 21st Century, to be a female that does something that men have been privileged enough to do since forever! This is something that's been on my mind for awhile now. As a female (and I see this in other females' situations), I'm always always always reminded of who I am perceived to be. I'm always reminded of being a female as if it were a slap in the face. As if I have to reminded to think or be a certain way. Just as Nancy Pelosi was declared 'the first Italian-American to be in a high ranking position,' I have to question her identification as such. It's interesting because she can easily be identified as white, and several websites and individuals already consider her white.

As she accepted this position, we can easily see several middle-aged, white women in the background supporting her. I say break out in song, throw up a peace sign, say the word vagina or do something that is louder than the red jacket you were wearing at the podium.

And damn, if it's taken forever and a day to elect a female to any high-ranking position, then why not do a news segment that focuses on why this is the way it "is." Reminiscent of the feminist movement's lack of concern for colored womens' lives and identities. I hope people don't think this is an improvement as much as it is still a hindrance.

P.S. I believe that if an individual is all for one movement and serves as a very public obstacle for another, then they are hypocrites. For example:

That is all.


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