Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Click here for event details.

Two HEELLLAA dope events are taking place in the Bay this weekend and I can't even be there. The Brave New Voices Festival is down the street from my own neighborhood in San Jose! WTF! I hope that at least someone I know can make it.

Special guests at the event include Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai (who has been featured on this blog before), Saul Williams, and Beau Sia. I would freak out if I met them. I was fortunate enough to meet Kelly in NYC this past June. I also met Marlon Esguerra and I hella cried in happiness when I did. I didn't think I would but I respect these people and their words so much that my tears let themselves out in joy. Giving voice to self is incredibly difficult - another reason why spoken word is that much more triumphant yet humbling.

Now that I'm reminded of it, if you haven't seen the movie Slam then I definitely recommend it. Not just because Saul Williams and Beau Sia are in it, but because the cyphers in that film are sooo fresh and real. I never knew that love poems would make soul-soothing cypher material until I saw this film.


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Sunday, July 08, 2007

there's about to be a (what?) GiRL FeST!

I am trying to make sure my plans are in order so that I can get there. Please visit for more info.


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Friday, July 06, 2007

Get Up, I Get Down

I have grown to love spoken word for capturing life's moments using voice as its sole instrument and for recreating life stories with sophisticated introspection. Yes, these artists and poets speak to me, but they do it such a way that leads me into my own dark tunnel of self, looking for whatever it was inside that made me click and connect to their words.

I actually have a lot of blog topics already done, but haven't been able to post them up. Traveling is hella crazy... and prevents me from blogging. Don't worry though, absence makes the heart grow fonder. =)

Hip Hop & Spoken Word (as demonstrated by Kanye West & J. Ivy)... another topic I will further research and report back. Seeking inspiration and stumbling upon wisdom, I found this. Enjoy.


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