Sunday, May 20, 2007

and another one.

I guess this is the closest that I'll ever get to watching Leah Taguba perform.

Leah Taguba


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Friday, May 11, 2007


Here's a blog I promised to deliver.

Have you ever seen Lil Jon without his sunglasses on? Would we even know what he would look like if he didn't have some sunglasses and dreads or head covering on? I don't know bout other folks, but it's been bothering me.

This is not a post to hate on mainstream hip hop, crunk music or Lil Jon himself. I'm attempting to explore the importance/significance of attaching a material item to one's identity as a social marker. I'm just gunna type this through...

Lil Jon's sunglasses. An attempt at setting himself apart from all of the other rapper/producers that feature themselves on others' one-word titled tracks? Maybe they're prescripted? Perhaps he feels the need to always keep his eyes out of the sun and out of the flashy-flashy lights brought on by the paparazzi? Who knows? (If you do, let me know.)

My point is, a lot of the emphasis on his image, and other celebs' images, seems to be based on his sunglasses that have become one of his most salient facial features. Strip away the dreads, the grill, the head coverings and the sunglasses and we will have a regular Black man whose image will no longer be recalled into memory. Not because his race automatically makes him insignificant or that he falls into the background of our society's political agenda, but because our language has slipped into succumbing to oversimplification. Because the traces of his image in your memory will be erased and the casual conversation, these days, doesn't consist of vivid imagery or exact mathematics measuring the darkness of skin, the roundness of face, the outlines and angles of one's bone structure or any complex phenotype. Our words and syntax unfortunately don't account for what does count or what should count. Not to harp on language as an insufficient form of vernacular, but if we are made to use words as a primary source of communication, then why aren't they enough? It seems as if we almost have to lend ourselves to material items to differentiate ourselves from each other. As if we are forced to extend our personalities in order to stake our claims, faces and spaces so that others can try to figure out how to reach, describe and vibe with us. Yet, we give ourselves to mass produced objects making ourselves mass produced objects.

I'm not imploring Lil Jon to take his sunglasses off. Maybe I'm even requesting that he sleep with them and permanently keep them on at all hours or staple them to the sides of his head. But then cultures like Hip Hop become mass produced, ephemeral or even devalued. While sunglasses attain and permit a status of more meaning and become sad symbols and representations as something superficial.

You SEE what I'm SAYIN?


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Thursday, May 10, 2007


My daily internet rounds go a little somethin like this:
E-mail, MySpace, facebook, blogs, friends' blogs, sometimes CNN or the Mercury News.

Or, it goes like this:
MySpace, Facebook, e-mail, other e-mail, blogs, and back to another friend collection site like MySpace or Facebook.

Then sometimes I'll do it again, cuz you know, they're rounds and not lines.
Or maybe if I'm extra particular about whatever's clever then I'll go straight into it.
But when I'm feeling like I'm fresh or need to be refreshed, I'll hit up youtube.

There's just not a lot for me to choose from these days. Maybe I'm just in dire need of new sites or other creative minds so that I can salivate at the ideas of new ways to put words together. Sometimes when my fervor for reading is almost too much to handle and spoken word from my stereo just doesn't quite do it for me, then youtube comes in handy.

Here's the poem and the poet that I've been trying to locate (because I can't find my 2tongues CD):

If only I had entered college when I Was Born With Two Tongues was still performing...
This poem is the reason that I continue to listen.


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